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Things you will need:

8 cup Chemex brewer





Hot water (205 F)

Coffee (42 grams)

Stir stick/spoon



  • Grind 42 grams of coffee, which is about 6 tablespoons of beans to the consistency of kosher salt.
  • Put filter into Chemex brewer with the 3 folds over the spout. Rinse the filter with hot water. Dump the water but leave the filter intact.
  • Add grounds to the filter and shake to level the grounds. Tear the scale so you are staring at 0.
  • Start timer and add water by starting in the center and making circles outward. Pour about 150 grams to bloom the coffee. This lets the coffee release CO2. Use stir stick or spoon to make sure all of the grounds are wet.
  • At 45-50 seconds start the second pour. Again, start in the center and spiral out. Pour over the dark parts of the water. Stop at about 450 grams.
  • At 1:45, fill to about 700 grams and let drain.
  • At about 4:00 you should be done with the brew and the coffee should be at about the bump on the front of the brewer. Remove filter and place in sink to finish draining (if there is still liquid in the filter).
  • Swirl the coffee to mix. Pour into mugs and enjoy!