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SilverBoom Coffee

Hi. We are Keri and Todd, the Silver and Boom of SilverBoom Coffee. We are on a mission to deliver freshly roasted, delicious coffee to you.

Most people only have a couple of cups of coffee a day, so why not make them delicious? If you are buying your beans in a grocery store or going to a large chain coffee shop for your daily fix, you are almost certainly drinking old, stale coffee. GROSS! If you are getting your coffee from one of those horrible little pods, DOUBLE GROSS!! Has anybody ever been able to get a good cup of coffee from one of those? Quit hating yourself and try SilverBoom Coffee.

We only work with importers who care as much about finding ethically and sustainably sourced coffee as we do. We find the best green coffee available from around the world and roast it to highlight each coffee’s unique flavor characteristics. We roast our coffee when it is ordered and ship it to you so you are getting the freshest coffee available. When you receive your shipment of SilverBoom Coffee, it will have been roasted in the last day or two, not 6-8 months ago.

We are serious about coffee, but we don’t take it too seriously. We don’t want our coffee to be something that is elitist or intimidating. We want to be a place that people that like coffee can get delicious, freshly roasted coffee.

Bad coffee is easy to avoid, so there is no reason to keep drinking it. Drink delicious coffee!