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AeroPress Brewing Guide
Things you will need:

AeroPress Brewer






Hot water (205 F)

Coffee (17 grams)

Stir stick/spoon


  • Grind 17 grams of coffee, which is about 1 rounded AeroPress scoop to the consistency of table salt.
  • Pour hot water into mug to preheat it. Rinse the paper filter with hot water.
  • Pour coffee grounds into brew chamber. If you are using a scale, tear the scale so it starts at 0.
  • Start timer and add water up to the #4 on the brewer. This will be about 220 grams. Make sure to saturate all of the grounds. This should take about 10 seconds.
  • Stir grounds and water and then put plunger in brew chamber and pull up slightly. This will create a vacuum and prevent the coffee from draining out.
  • At about 1:15 remove the plunger and stir the mixture again. Put plunger back in the brew chamber and press.
  • When you hear the hiss, you are done. You should finish the plunge at about 2:00 minutes.
  • Enjoy!