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SoulSpace Signature Blend

SoulSpace Signature Blend

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We have partnered with SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary to bring you their signature blend. With hints of chocolate, nuts and berry sweetness, this is a great way to start your day. A portion of the proceeds from every bag is donated to Soul Space so they can continue their work.


About SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary:

SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue and protect farm animals from cruelty. We currently provide a forever home to 50 Residents rescued from abuse, neglect, and abandonment situations. 

SoulSpace works to inspire change in the way society views farm animals and support people in their quest to live a more compassionate lifestyle. 

At SoulSpace, people of all ages have the opportunity to volunteer at the farm and experience the animals firsthand. We offer educational tours with the hopes of opening people’s hearts and minds to the animals and their stories. We invite groups from schools and underserved youth to visit the farm for fresh air, exercise and hands-on service-learning.